My Diaper Stash and Other Things

Since we have decided to use cloth diapers for Lillian, I have grown quite the obsession! Who knew cloth diapers could be so darn cute? Here is the run down of what we've purchased so far:

2 recycled wool covers (similar to this, but not the exact one) that I bought from a local business Natural Elements

3 x-small Thirsties covers

3 BumGenius 3.0 One size diapers. I've registered for about 10 more in more girly colors. Hopefully we get more!

I bought these AIOs from the Etsy seller qtbunns

This AIO diaper came from the Etsy seller wahmykidz

This is my favorite of the whole stash, a cover from the Etsy seller crazywonderful
One size Muttaqinbaby diaper

12 unbleached Indian infant prefolds from a local store Barefoot Baby and 2 snappis (we'll buy at least 12 more prefolds and 2 more snappis)

I have a huge diaper registry going at the Barefoot Baby store here in town. (http://www.barefoot-eco.com/) They have so many to choose from, so I registered for a pretty wide variety of sizes and brands of cloth diapers. Most of the diapers I'm purchasing now are either newborn or small sizes, and we're registering for the rest. I'm sure we'll end up buying most of them for ourselves since our family and friends don't understand why in the world we would choose cloth over paper diapers!

If cloth diapers don't excite you as much as they excite me, here's another little purchase we made for Lillian - her going home outfit :) (click on the pics to enlarge)

We'll probably find some cute white frilly socks to go with the outfit. Honestly, pictures just don't do it justice! This is the first thing I bought as soon as we left the doctors office when they told us we are having a girl.

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  1. The cupcake diapers are sooo cute! And I love her going home outfit. I haven't decided what Luke is wearing home yet, although I do have my choices narrowed down!

    I just realized our little ones have the same initials - LR. Must be because their mommies share a first name!



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