First Day of Vacation!

Lillian's first time on a boat and I think she got seasick... I know I was!

*Note to self: Do not eat big dinner before going fishing*

Tennessee is soooo pretty right now. The weather is great and the people are nice. However, you would think some have never seen a pregnant girl before. Maybe it's because I'm 25, married and pregnant (sorry if you're from Tennessee) that they think is odd, but if one more person gives me the side eye I swear I'm going to start throwing things. Last night at dinner this guy was sitting with his wife and two kids and I don't know what his problem was but I was THISCLOSE to throwing my glass of ice water at his head. It's bad enough that I'm stuffing my face and I feel as big as a horse. How about the entire grocery store in Kentucky when we stopped for lunch? I mean seriously people, what the hell is so entertaining about a pregnant girl waddling around minding her own business on vacation? I feel like a zoo exhibit.

This vent is really just a small portion of an otherwise awesome vacation with my hubby. Did I mention there's a pool? :) And home made pie?


  1. They are probably not used to seeing such a cute pg girl with all of her teeth! No for reals, you have a glow about you and they probably just couldn't help but notice! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. I get these looks too! I'm always trying to flash my wedding ring so people don't think I'm like a 16 year old... everyone thinks I look young & so do you so at least we'll look good when we're 40 right? :)

  3. I didn't wear my wedding ring because the thought of losing it on the boat freaked me out! Definitely switched the right hand ring over to the left the first day. People are so freaking nosey!



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