30 Day Blog Challenge

If you're like me, every day you have those moments when you think, "I should write a blog post about {fill in the blank}." And then the thought passes and you fail to blog about it. 

Or you are keeping a blog about your child's life so that one day they can look back at it through your eyes and catch a glimpse of what their early years were like. 

Or maybe you need a kick in the pants to lose weight, and the accountability of blogging about it every day could be just what you need.

Maybe you are a new blogger and just need to jump in and get started with a challenge that will bring you into the blogging world full force. 

Whatever the reason is that you have a blog, this challenge was created to bring you to a new level of commitment.


Here's how it works:

*The 30 day blog challenge is not about blogging every day for 30 days.  Realistically that's just setting you up for failure.  Life happens, and not every day can we sit down and pour our minds out on a keyboard. 

For six weeks straight, aim to write a new blog post five times a week.  That could mean one blog post every weekday Monday through Friday, or just five random days throughout the week that work best for you. 

Add your name to the linky below and follow along with other bloggers that are taking the challenge.

Post the 30 Day Blog Challenge badge at the end of your blog posts and in your side bar so more people can learn about the challenge and follow along. 

If you are having a hard time thinking of topics to blog about, there are many other blogs out there that have weekly check-ins that may interest you.  Monday Weight Loss, Craft Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Photography Friday, or create your own check-in specific to what you want to blog about.

The linky below will be open from August 9 - September 17 and you can join any time.
I've decided to keep the linky below open til the end of the year so you can keep joining the blog challenge!
Don't forget to visit the other bloggers taking part in the challenge!




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  1. Let me know when you figure out how to make the button "grabby" and I will add it to my blog!

  2. Sounds like a great challenge follwing You

  3. So I have to say I took the button days ago and have yet to enter my blog to the list. I apologize for my delay. It must have been one of those days. I am now added and still full force into blogging. Please check me out. I am fairly new and only about three months into blogging. I quite enjoy it!


  4. Added! Taking the challenge this fall!



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